Simple Life Hacks You’ll Wish You’d Always Known


Life hacks are the best! The good ones anyways. There are some serious fails out there but most the ones featured in this roundup from Diply look pretty legit. I’ll let you decide for yourself but I’m pretty sold on it.

A few of these are repeats but there are some new ones scattered in too. Number 4 made me laugh soooo hard. I’ve never thought about hiding valuables inside feminine products. Lol. I wish I’d seen number 7 before I ruined the cord to my iPad! I wonder if number 18 works. A lot of other phone holders don’t work. Check out Awesome Inventions for 22 of the most fun hacks. You will love them! Designed to make life easier and better! I like the one on hand puppets. Not what I would call a hack but I would call it 100 awesome! Family ‘guess who’ game looks like a blast too.

See all 20 hacks here…

Diply: 20 Life Hacks That Just Make Sense