Simple Living Is Made Easy With This Beautiful Tiny Home

cozy tiny home

Have you ever dreamed of living a simpler life style? Maybe doing so on a patch of property out in the middle of nowhere. No mortgage and low utility bills means you can spend extended periods of time in nature without worrying about the time missed at work. No mortgage? Check. Extremely low utility bills? Check. Relaxing in the most beautiful places you can tow a trailer to? Yes please!

For me, this house would be an opportunity to have an inexpensive vacation home plopped down in one of my favorite places. Any place you can tow a trailer to can now become your home for a few days, weeks, months, or even a permanent relocation. For this couple and their 14 year old daughter, this is an opportunity to be completely out of debt and live a sustainable, responsible lifestyle. How would you use a place like this? Preparing for the the tiny house lifestyle? Here’s all the help you need for make the transition.

Take the full tour inside here…

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