Vintage Kitchen

Nobody Has Stepped Inside This House Since 1956…

Vintage Kitchen

You won’t believe this fantastic house, featured over at The little Things. It hasn’t been lived in…ever! Built in 1965 it has been waiting for the right owner and finally has found one. The best part about that is that now we can see inside.

I love it! It’s pink and perfect and patriotic. Yes that’s right. In the 50’s the color wasn’t seen as girly at all. At the end of WWII the color was seen as joyful and patriotic because of the First Lady. It was the First Lady Mamie Eisenhower’s favorite color. Bathroom and kitchen decor was inspired by her and this particular shade was even named after her. As many as 5 million houses might have had a pink kitchen like this! What? I need to ask my Grandma about it! So cool. I love learning new things.

I couldn’t even recognize some of the appliances. It took me a minute to figure out the dishwasher and what the buttons on the stove did. I loved the fridge. It’s so amazing that all the manuals are there.

Want to learn more about Mamie? I know I do! The Miller Center has a lot of really great info.

Get the full tour inside here…

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