Single Mom Builds An Awesome Tiny Home


Kelley Lewis is quite the mom. She took on a feat that most single moms would shy away from. She, and her three kids, started a new life for themselves in a 192 square foot tiny home. That’s something I don’t think I would want to do if I was living on my own, much less with three littles in tow!

Another thing that makes Kelly and her home so impressive is that she built it herself. Yikes! That is crazy talented. She used a paper and pencil and mostly recycled materials. She had a little help but most of it was her, even the electrical work (once someone came and showed her the basics)! She is teaching her kids a valuable lesson about hard work, not living in excess, and going off the grid. Nice Job! I’m sure that there are going to be some ‘growing pains’ as the kids get older but right now it is perfect.

Here is a story from a former Tiny Home dweller that I found so interesting. Christopher Smith talks about his experience, what he would change, and what people should know before embarking on such an adventure. He was a one of the ‘tiny pioneers’ and I loved his insights and know that you will too. See what he has to say here and see the building of his home here.

Here’s the video… Enjoy!