Sleep Underwater But Never Get Wet At This Bizarre Hotel At Sea


Do you need a vacation? Travel to another country just to get away where no one can bother you, or find you. Utter Inn is located right off the port of Vasteras. Not your typical hotel because it floats on the water! A tiny little bed and breakfast you can rent in Sweden.

I want to go there!

I personally like to have my meals cooked for me when I’m on vacation. Not a problem. Rent the deluxe package and someone will bring meals to you. Sun bathe. Read. Swim. No one will disturb your leave of absence from the real world in this Waterworld retreat.

Enjoy the tour…


Distance between floating hotel and land about 1 kilometer.



Sit or eat outside to enjoy the view.



Or eat indoors if the weather is bad.



Portable potty with a curtain for privacy.



Open the latch and look, a downstairs area surrounded by water.



Down we go! Watch your step.



 Here’s what it looks like from the outside when you’re down below.



Below deck – very comfy.



 Solar panels provide electricity. Inflatable boat to get to land.
Perfect get-a-way!

(Source ViralNova)