Bathroom Storage

Got A Small Bathroom? Check Out All These Fun DIY Organization Ideas

Bathroom Storage

I hate my bathroom right now. Mostly it’s because I need to clean it but it’s partly because it looks like a tornado tore through there. It’s not a shoe box but it’s not spacious either and since my husband I share it…Messy! I am always on the look out for organization tips (I know my honey appreciates that) and that’s why I’m excited to feature this awesome roundup from Daily Savings! These ideas are brilliant!

I am so going to try putting a Lazy Susan under the bathroom sink. That would save me a lot of space! The repurposed drawer and upcycled window DIYs are beautiful and I don’t care if they add storage! They add a certain je ne sais quoi that I must have. Lol!

If you liked those, then you will love these. Check out these 13 big ideas for small bathrooms from This Old House.

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DailySaving: 12 Easy Organizing DIYs That Will Transform Your Small Bathroom