This House Doesn’t Look Like Much. Until You Go Inside. You’ll Love Everything about it.

A Tiny Home May Be The Perfect Solution For Simpler Living

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Andrew, Gabriella, and Terra Morrison have raised the bar when it comes to tiny homes. Theirs is mortgage free, off the grid, modern, fabulous, and puts all others to shame in every way. The Morrisons gave up 80% of their possessions to move into this terrific cabin and are utilizing every bit of space. There might not be a lot of room but they don’t waste a single inch. I might have more room but I know that I am wasting space and have stuff I don’t need. I am inspired to organize and declutter after seeing their beautiful home. Their wood floors, kitchen, staircase, and dreamy reading nook will blow your mind!

Here’s the link to Diply’s full article: Diply: This House Doesn’t Look Like Much. Until You Go Inside. You’ll Love Everything about it.

Benefits of Downsizing and Living Off Grid

Living off the grid helps you to cut back on the hustle and bustle of modern living. You will be free from the overwhelming appointments, activities and burdens of modern life. Downsizing and off grid living can be very rewarding and fulfilling. It is also very cost effective and energy efficient. In addition to getting away from the rat race and settling down with what really matters, you will also enjoy the following advantages:

1. Enhanced Creativity

First, you will learn how to make the best use of limited essential resources. Your creativity will naturally come alive. You will become more innovative as you try to invent new ways of managing space, materials, energy, water, and several other resources. For instance, Andrew and Gabriella Morrison, the inventors of the Tiny House, did exactly that when they got rid of about 80% of their personal belongings and acquired a 5-acre piece of land to create a unique off-the grid home. This home has now become a model for others to copy.

2. Financial Freedom

Another great benefit of downsizing and living off the grid is financial freedom. That is what the Morrisons where able to achieve in their new home. The entire project including the land the new tiny home and appliances cost them $33,000. But they are free from debt and they don’t have to worry about paying back a mortgage for over 20 years. Although it cost them time, effort, and significant amount of money to put up the building, they now live there without thinking about paying any heating or electricity bills. In addition, they save a lot of money on transportation, feeding, and clothing.

3. Lower Stress and Anxiety

The pressures of the modern metropolitan lifestyle create a lot of stress. This results in a huge number of stress complaints at most American primary health care centers. And a study conducted at Harvard University revealed that people who are constantly under very high stress levels are four times more likely to experience a heart attack than those who are not.

Opting out of the cluttered, noisy and busy life instantly reduces anxiety. As you eliminate most of the stressful activities like daily commute, appointments, plus overtime, you will remove most of the sources of stress and anxiety.

4. Deeper Appreciation of Nature and Its Beauty

After downsizing and simplifying your life, you will have more time to see the beauty in everyday. Then you can enjoy the bright and refreshing colors of the rising sun and hear the birds in the woods making melodious tunes. The new and simple lifestyle helps you to appreciate the beauty of a bird’s feathers and the artistry displayed on a butterfly’s wings.

5. Better Family Relationships

Finally, off grid living enhances family interaction and builds a stronger bond between family members. Now that you have a restricted supply of energy, you will not have the time to watch television for several hours. Consequently, you will be forced to spend more time with other family members. Most evenings, the entire family will gather in the living area around the fireplace to share experiences and anecdotes together, read a book, and play family games.

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