These Beds Have Something Important To Say


Have you ever felt as though your bedroom doesn’t really express your true personality? Maybe your furnishings are a little bland or too generic for your liking. This company’s products, featured at Buzzfeed, allow you to sleep with what you love.

I found these very expressive duvet covers from a company called Society6. These comforters are not afraid to express what you love. Take a look and choose your favorite. There is a duvet for you somewhere in their catalog. The link will give you a few examples to choose from.

The most relevant bedspread for us would be the first one shown. “Netflix is calling, and I must go.” There is a lot of Netflix watched in bed and on our iPad in the evenings. I just finished all 10 seasons of Friends for about the zillionth time the other night. Yeah, I know, I have a problem and am seeking help for my addiction. Here’s a clip from my favorite episode of Friends. Let’s get Bamboozled!

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