Loving Son Designs and Builds a Stunning Tiny House For His Mom

When his mom wanted a tiny home, Matt decided to use his 20 years of contractor experience to build a custom one for her. Using materials he gathered as a contractor, he started construction of the home based on his own designs.

Now, the home is finished and his mom has been living in it for over six months!

The home has around 300 square feet and it makes great use of the space. With high ceilings and plenty of cabinets, this home certainly doesn’t feel small! It features a cozy living area as well as a full kitchen.

The home even has a full bathroom and full size appliances. Despite the ‘tiny home’ name, it feels much like a full sized house. There are also two loft areas in the home. One of them you cross over on your way up to the bedroom!

That is how they made a great use of space in this home. The builder is currently planning on making more models for other people who are interested.

What do you think of this gorgeous tiny home?

This tiny home is located in Portland, Oregon

It was built by a son for his mother

He is a contractor and was able to design it as well

Upon entering the home you enter this lovely living area

The ceilings are also high to add more vertical space

There is a full kitchen in this house

The kitchen has custom built counters

As well as plenty of cabinets for storage space!

The combo laundry machine and fridge are nearby too

Right above the washing machine, there is a ladder up to the loft

The loft sits right above the kitchen

There is a full bathroom with modern tile

Its built on a trailer so it can even be moved

Here is one last look at this tiny home

Via: Facebook