South Korean Artist Turns Pile Of Logs Into Stunning Artwork


Do you have an extra cord or two of wood left over from you winter stockpile? Here is a way one an artist uses his. Take a look at the artwork of South Korean artist Jae-Hyo Lee. He is amazing!

To create the contrasting colors, he first scorches parts of the wood then polishes it to a high sheen. The process creates spectacular and functional pieces of art. You can find his art all over South Korea from living rooms to street corners in Seoul to art galleries.

I can see why it is so popular. I would love to have his archway in my yard. It is so beautiful and flows so naturally with the outdoors. His chairs are a wonderful conversation piece for the right living room (probably not mine).

See all the beautiful woodwork “after” photos here…

Wimp: South Korean Artist Creates Something Stunning (photos)