Spaghetti And Meatball Muffins Recipe


Hmmmm. Savory cupcakes. Thoughts? Cupcakes have always been about sugar and spice and everything nice. I guess no one told the folks at Allrecipes. They have a super creative recipe for spaghetti and meatball muffin bites, a.k.a. spaghetti cupcakes. I’m willing to give them a go at least once! It’s good to be open to new ideas right?! Let’s give these a go.

Do you have all the ingredients for making spaghetti? (I think all of us do.) Do you have a muffin tin? Then you have everything you need to make these little bites. You need an over too. I think the kids might be a fan of these. They like spaghetti and they like cupcakes. Ergo, they should love spaghetti cupcakes.

Here are 11 other savory cupcake recipes, compliments of Babble, that I am also going to try. French toast and bacon? Ohhh yea! Pepper Jack cupcakes with a pesto swirl sound pretty good too. Don’t you think?