Fun Interiors

Spectacularly Fun Interior Home Ideas You’ll Want ASAP

Fun Interiors

Don’t get me wrong, I love my home. I have patiently and painstakingly worked on it since we moved in and it’s turned out quite homey and perfect for me and mine. Sadly, it doesn’t have a lot of ‘WOW’ factor and there are big projects I wish I could do. That’s why this has to be just about one of the very best roundups I have ever seen! Jumble Joy has 19 ideas on how to take the interior of your house to the next level. Now of course many of these are simply beyond the budgets of most people and are just fun to daydream about… but some ideas could be put in place pretty easily.

I love so many of these ideas! The library in the ceiling is beyond brilliant! But who has a house that tall? I wish I did. Number 4, 14, and 19 would make any child extremely happy. Playhouses and pirate ships indoors? Love! Number 17, the galaxy floor, is by far my favorite. (It would go perfectly with this ceiling!)

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JumbleJoy: 19 Unbelievably Awesome Interior Home Ideas