Turn A Pair Of Underpants Into A Sports Bra In Seconds


Some people are so creative! Who goes into the underwear drawer with scissors in hand and comes out with a sports bra? Clever people, that’s who. This video from Likemag Espanol shows how to make a no-sew sports bra in just minutes. All you need is a pair of underwear (clean briefs) and scissors. I guess I better go to the store and look for some new undies! This would really work in a pinch but I don’t recommend it for your next marathon. Think you’ll try your hand at this?

Eslamoda has another fabulous roundup. Check out these 16 ways to make your own bikini. Number 4 is my favorite! I like that it has all the support of a bra because it is an actual bra. The bandeau (number 8) is pretty great too. It’s amazing that these DIYs just need some scissors, markers, needle and thread, ribbon, fabric, or repurposed shirts. Brilliant!

Here’s the video… Enjoy!