Make Your Own Squishy Stress Balls (Video Tutorial)


Stressed much? ‘Stressed’ spelled backwards is ‘desserts,’ but we can’t always eat our feelings. It’s important to have other healthier outlets. Some people run, others do yoga, some swim, and I kick box. Another option, perfect for everyone, is stress balls. This DIY is so clever and fun!

You only need four things to make these soft, squishy, and colorful balls. Flour, balloons, scissors, and a water bottle. Talk about low cost! This project would be so fun to do with the kids! Outside. The thought of one breaking? Ahhh! Not in the living room! I would use extra balloons and a lot of super glue to be sure they stayed together.

These would be perfect for an office ‘stress-less’ gift or as a Ninja Turtle party favor. I would make mine blue (Leonardo, baby!). One important thing to remember about these stress balls…they are used to relieve stress by squeezing them and not by throwing them at the people who are stressing you out. Lol

Stress isn’t healthy! So if you are feeling a bit overwhelmed, check out the roundup from She Knows roundup of fun ways to eliminate it from your life.

Here’s the video… Enjoy!