Star Wars

Throw A Star Wars Birthday Party Your Child Will Never Forget

Star Wars

Ok. I love everything about this party roundup. Are you a fan of the George Lucas franchise? I am! Even though I was too young to get on the initial Star Wars bandwagon, I am a tried and true fan. But I’m not sure I can claim Jedi Master status until I have thrown a themed party. Lol.

Some party ideas are lame but not these ones. Buzzfeed has hit the nail on the head with this roundup. This collection of party ideas is geared toward the kids and throwing them a great party but I’m going to steal all these ideas and wow all my nerdy adult friends.

Official Star Ways Day is May the 4th. Get is? ‘May the 4th be with you!’ May the 4th – May the force. But I’m not going to wait until next year! I might not make the robes but the light sabers, R2D2 decorations, and the Jello cups (turned adult with alcohol) are going to happen! Speak of adult Jello, here are some fabulous Jello shot recipes.

Here’s the most amazing roundup ever…

BuzzFeed: 23 Ways To Throw Your Kid The Best Star Wars Birthday Party Ever