Striped Nail Polish Ideas You Can Totally Do Yourself


I have just found my new favorite roundup! Diply has the best and easiest striped DIY manicures and I am so excited to feature them here today. I haven’t seen anything as amazing as these 16 designs in a long time. Eeeek! Did I mention how excited I am?!

Your friends will think you had these done by a pro and you kinda did. You will be a pro after these tutorials! I love number 4! you can never go wrong with half matte/half shiny/metallic tape. Number 12 looks so complicated but I love the two colors! Which is your favorite? As if you could pick just one. Lol! The secret to using tape on your nails is two fold. First your base color has to dry completely. Not 99%. It must be 100% dry. Second you must take the tape off immediately after applying your next color to give a clean and sharp look. Here are some more tricks.

Here’s the link to all 16 tutorials…

Diply: 16 Examples Of Striped Polish You Can Totally Do At Home