How To Make A Striped Vase. Perfect For Summer!


‘The tans will fade but the memories will last forever…’ Hooray for summer! Another thing that will last after the winter storms have set in is are these fun colorful vases. Their bright colors just scream summer!

You need some different sized vases, rubbing alcohol to get the surfaces clean, your favorite colors of enamel paint, some brushes, and one of those pottery wheel spinny things. And just like with pottery, you will need to bake your finished product to be sure that the paint stays. I think these would make wonderful drinking glasses. Is the paint non-toxic? I’m sure there is a brand that is somewhere…

There are so many craft projects out there for the kids. School’s out for the summer and everything seems geared toward the littles. Martha Stewart (God bless her) says no! It’s important that you have some adult fun and make something that doesn’t involve pipe cleaners or cotton balls every once in a while. She has some great ideas that you need to try!

Here’s the video… Enjoy!