Stunning Gourd Lamps By Calabarte


Lighting can make or break a space. The perfectly decorated room can be ruined with a harsh overhead. Likewise, a room that is little drab by comparison can be transformed with a lovely lamp. No one knows that better than Przemek, the Polish artist also known as Calabarte. He has transformed African gourds into brilliant lamps.

The gourd, or calabash, has been used to make many things like musical instruments and pots over the years but I haven’t seen them made into a whole lot of lamps. Maybe I’m just not running in the right circles! Lol. Calabarte uses the natural cracks of the gourds and the holes he drills to make fabulous light creations. They are pretty when the lights are off but when the lights are on they become something purely magical! I would be completely ok with getting one of these for my birthday!

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