Learn How To Create Stunning Metallic Epoxy Floors

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Here is a fun one. I hope you have a remodel planned because you are going to want to rip up a floor so you can have your very own metallic epoxy floor. Epoxy floors are a newer trend that I am 100% onboard with.

What are epoxy floors? They are a flooring surface that is made up of multiple layers of epoxy at least two millimeters thick. One thing that sets these ‘floors’ apart from the rest out there is their strength. The resins and hardeners that make up epoxy are strong and resilient. Perfect for your floors!

I love that there are so many stains and colors to choose from. An epoxy coating is glossy and can add many dimensions to your floor. Some people put in designs, while others just make it look the the floor is rippling. User’s preference. They are all so lovely!

I think this process is to interesting! Not for me, because I’d mess it up and end up ruining my floors, but it is so shiny and lovely. Here is a video that shows an epoxy floor being put in, start to finish, and it’s really interesting!

DIY Resource: DIY Epoxy Floor Metallic Installation – Zeraus.com

Here’s one of my favorite Metallic Epoxy Floors getting installed:




Watch The Whole Job Start To Finish:

Via – Xtremepolishingsystems.com DIY Kits
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