shipping container homes

Stunning Shipping Container Home With A Must See Interior

shipping container homes

There are so many architectural ideas out there. I envy the people who can come up with these amazing and unique ideas. They don’t have the notoriety of Frank Lloyd Wright but they are just as awesome. (I still love his designs, like Falling Water.) These days homes are made with smaller more functional space and unique materials. You can find homes made of concrete or insulated with hay. Gone are the days of the McMansion.

Speaking of unique homes, look at the last picture in this montage first. Go ahead I will wait for you to come back… Now, try to guess how it was built. Any guesses? Well let’s just say they took an unusual building material and turned it into the bones of this magnificent house. Their use of space inside these cargo containers was very well done. Shipping containers? Heck yes! I love the spiral staircase and the way they use the different materials to hide the fact you are inside a cargo container.

Take the tour of this amazing home here…

Wimp: Shipping Containers Form The Walls Of This Stunning Home