She Spent $30 And 5 Months To Make This Stunning Wedding Dress


How much did you spend on your wedding dress? I’d be willing to bet it was quite a lot more than $30. Mine was! Well Chi Krneta didn’t spend a pretty penny on hers. She really only spent $30. Scouts honor! I’m not a scout so I guess I should say cross my heart. Either way it’s true. She had a 50 minute commute every day to work. Poor thing! (I rode those trains and bussed in Seattle for college and it was such a hassle.)

Instead of just sitting around, looking at Facebook, or reading a book she crocheted. You should have the wedding dress you want. Even if that means making it yourself. 50 minutes x 5 months = the wedding dress of her dreams and her budget. Her dress is machine washable and she can wear it again with a few changes. How wonderful! I can’t do that with mine. It’s all boxed up for future generation.

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Little Things: Woman Spends 5 Months And $30 Crocheting Wedding Dress