Stunningly Creative Attic Remodel

Sometimes you just want to create a little extra living space in your home. In most homes there is a space that never gets used. It is dark and dank and filled with insulation. You guessed it, it’s the attic. The attic is no longer just a place to store your old never used and off season clothing or the place where mice burrow into your down jacket and eat your photo albums. It can also become your craft room or, like in this case, your husband’s man cave.

This man cave looks great and has a lot of functionality in it’s small square footage. The problem with building anything in the attic is, how you get to it. The little hole in the ceiling of your bedroom closet isn’t a good way to do it. The pull down ladder in the ceiling isn’t real great either. This guy came up with a great solution. He decided to use what looks like a ship’s ladder and put it inside the space between the walls. The whole thing looks like a ship’s cabin and it turned out great! Take a look at it. Check out these attic remodels. Super impressive! Makes me wish that I had an attic to redo.

Here’s the link to see all the amazing “after” photos…

Diply: What This Man Did To His Attic Is Unbelievable (photo tour)