Super Easy Method For Growing Tomato Seedlings


Tomatoes. Ewww gross! I like spaghetti sauce, ketchup, and other things that are made from tomatoes but I don’t like the actual fruit. (Yes, it’s actually a fruit and not a veggie. You can learn more about it here.) Sadly, my husband adores them and he insists that we plant them. We plant them but that doesn’t mean we can grow them. Lol. Maybe this will help.

The Wannabe Homesteader has some tips on how to grow seedlings from an overripe tomato wasting away in the fridge. Just like he says in the video…’It’s almost too easy.’ All you need…a pot, some soil, and of course a tomato. That seems pretty easy! Fill your pot up with soil. Cut your tomatoes one quarter-inch (ish) thick and place in the dirt. Cover tomatoes with dirt but not too deep. Water and wait. Voila!

What are your thoughts on this? Think it works? I read somewhere that you shouldn’t use hybrid tomatoes (which are mostly what stores sell or they won’t grow true.)

Here’s the video… Enjoy!