Super Useful Life Hacks Learned From Nurses


There are so many professions out there who have their own versions of a life hack. One profession often overlooked when looking for those little tricks of the trade are in medicine, nurses, certified nursing assistants, and emergency medical technicians. These are the guys you call upon when a Band Aid won’t fix the problem. I think, they may be good people to take advice from. That’s why this roundup from Little Things is worth paying attention to!

These are some great tips! Just take a look at them. In your purse you have the best means to stop a nosebleed, tampons, or stop the bleeding on a bad cut, pads. Vaseline or shaving cream will take up a dried blood stain or a sticky mess. Coffee grounds will take the odor out of any room. Menthol or a minty toothpaste will help mask smells while you clean up a nasty stinky mess. Who knew? I love hacks from people who have experience. Like the ones from Grandma. Age and experience.

Find all the timeless hacks here…

LittleThings: Amazing Life Hacks We Learned From Nurses!