A Survival Shelter So Comfy You’ll Forget You’re 20 Feet Below Ground

survival shelter hatch

Deadly unknown diseases. Viruses without cures. End of the world zombie domination. Okay, it may all seem a bit far fetched, but you can never be too careful when the topic is about survival.

Or maybe you value your privacy and may want to double your security or have a need to rejuvenate yourself from the everyday humdrum.

Atlas Survival Shelters creates customizable homes dug deep beneath the earth. Size is not an issue but keep in mind your abode will be buried twenty-feet underground. Whoa, Nelly! Neither unwanted salesmen, noisy neighbors, nor the undead will find you. My question is – how do you get mail?

1. Hidden front door guarantees no solicitors or knocking from the walking dead.


2.Down the rabbit hole we go.


3. Welcome to our home – 20 feet under.


4. This is bigger than a New York apartment!


5. Cozy master bedroom for two.


6. Bunk beds for kids or for the child in you.


7. Is this the bathroom or the laundry room?


8. Keep up to date with the outside world in your own private study.


9. Time to make a sandwich in this roomy kitchen.


10. Survivalist like to throw a good party!


11. We can see you, but you can’t see us!

source (SlipTalk)