Here’s What Happens When You Switch Your Shampoo For Baking Soda


What type of shampoo do you use? Dove, Garnier, Pantien? Every once in while I go all natural. Not DIY-DIY natural but store bought natural. (I’m to lazy to make everything. Laundry soap and lip gloss has me tapped out right now.) I like to treat my hair and cut back on the chemicals. Gina Florio from Hello Giggles decided to go all natural for good when she gave up shampoo in 2015. She noticed that her scalp was all scaly, red, and flakey. Ewww. She decided to switch to baking soda.

Baking soda is everywhere and can be used for just about everything. She found as shampoo that it balanced pH levels so her hair/scalp started producing the right amount of oil. It took about two weeks for her hair to completely adjust to the change in product but once it did she noticed that her hair was less greasy, had a healthier shine, and a different texture. Do you think you could give up your shampoo and try this?

Here are some store bought natural shampoo options just in case you don’t want to grab your baking soda out of the cupboard.

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HelloGiggles: What Happened When I Used Baking Soda As My Shampoo