How To Make Yummy Cheese And Bacon Bombs


What do you need for the ultimate in down home cookin’ and comfort food? How about mozzarella cheese… check! Bacon… check! Biscuits… check! Deep fried… Checkedy check check check! This may be the greatest quick to make comfort food the world has ever known. That may be overstating it a little, but you get the … Read more How To Make Yummy Cheese And Bacon Bombs

How To Make A Beer Can Bacon Burger

Bacon Burgers

Hummm. What are ‘beer can bacon burgers?’ Besides a delicious sounding meal they are a burger that is shaped around a beer can (or any beverage of your choice). They are then filled with your favorite delicious grilled goodies, topped with cheese, drizzled with bbq or hot sauce, and grilled for one hour at 345. … Read more How To Make A Beer Can Bacon Burger

17 ‘Must Try’ Bacon Wrapped Snack Recipes

17 Bacon-Wrapped Snacks To Tantalize Your Tastebuds

You need to check out these delightful, enticing, and mouthwatering bacon wrapped snacks from Buzzfeed. Oh my lanta! I think I am in heaven! I couldn’t keep myself from drooling while looking at all these terrific ideas. I am especially excited about the bacon apple pie crust and the avocado bacon fries. Find all 17 … Read more 17 ‘Must Try’ Bacon Wrapped Snack Recipes

Bacon Cinnamon Rolls Recipe

bacon cinnamon rolls recipe

Don’t miss out! Follow on Facebook and bring more love and life into your home. This recipe will definitely be hurting my waistline LOL. Two of the richest (fattiest) foods ever created for breakfast consumption are now combined. I recommend you give this recipe a shot at least once even if you think the … Read more Bacon Cinnamon Rolls Recipe