Homemade Bloomin Baked Apples (Dessert)

Baked Apple Recipes

Math is not my forte. Far from it (fractions make me cry!) but here it goes. If one picture is worth one thousand words and I have five pictures… I think that means I can use 5000 less words than normal to describe this amazing recipe from The Gunny Sack. I really only need one … Read more Homemade Bloomin Baked Apples (Dessert)

Caramel Apple Pops Snack Bar

Creative Caramel Apple Bar

Messy, sticky, and yummy. Caramel apples are well worth the sticky faces and grimy hands. Craftberry Bush thinks so too! They decided to branch out from the plain caramel and apple combo in such a fun way and I’m excited to feature it here today. Check out topping ‘recipes’ like apple pie, coconut chocolate, cheesecake, … Read more Caramel Apple Pops Snack Bar

Caramel Apple Jello Shots

Caramel Apple Jello Shots

Don’t miss out! Follow DIYcozyHome.com on Facebook and bring more love and life into your home. This is such a fun recipe and would make the perfect party appetizer! I have seen different versions of this recipe floating around for quite a while but this one is by far the best and easiest to follow. … Read more Caramel Apple Jello Shots