Suspended Ornament Christmas Tree

I have seen a ton of DIY Christmas trees over the last few days while surfing pinterest. But, this has to be the coolest one I have seen by far! There’s actually no tree form at all. It’s simply ornaments hung from a mobile in a pattern that creates the illusion of a tree! Way … Read more Suspended Ornament Christmas Tree

38 DIY Christmas Tree Ideas

Now that Christmas is just a short time away, it is time to start decorating! And the most well-known decoration of all is the Christmas tree. Many people all across the world decorate their living spaces with either real or artificial trees. But for those with limited space, that may not be the best option. … Read more 38 DIY Christmas Tree Ideas

27 Totally Out Of The Box Christmas Tree Ideas

29 Creative And Unusual DIY Christmas Tree Ideas

Ladies and gents…it’s time to break out the Christmas tree and ornaments! So exciting! I’m sad to say that not everyone gets to have a traditional tree. Lame. It might be because of space or maybe that pesky landlord might is a naysayer. Whatever the reason, thanks to this article featured at Diply, everyone can … Read more 27 Totally Out Of The Box Christmas Tree Ideas