How To Magically Un-Shrink Your Clothes

Noooo! Tragedy struck when I last did laundry. Not my teal maxi dress! How did it end up in the dryer?! Ahhhhh! I wanted to cry myself to sleep when my favorite summer dress shrunk up a few inches but instead I turned to the interweb to find an answer. There’s a solution for everything … Read more How To Magically Un-Shrink Your Clothes

How To “Un-shrink” Your Clothes

Unshrink ‘Ruined’ Clothes

The internet has a wealth of information. Sad that not all of it is trustworthy. If you were to search how to unshrink your clothes, pages and pages would pop up. But who knows how many you would have to try before finding one that works? We all need tested and tried methods to save … Read more How To “Un-shrink” Your Clothes