Upside Down Jeans Dress (Pattern)

Ahhh! Cutting up my jeans?! The thought gives me pains. I know that they won’t last forever but cutting them up? I have had to get over my aversion to mutilating denim because there are so many great crafts and fun things you can do and make with them. Like making cute purses, cell phone … Read more Upside Down Jeans Dress (Pattern)

33 Ways To Repurpose Denim Jeans

33 Ways To Repurposes Denim Jeans

Jeans don’t last forever. I am very careful with my precious denim and follow all of the washing instructions religiously (cold cycle, inside out, every 3-4 wears, dry flat). Even as careful as I am, they will eventually fade, rip, and die. The only good thing about this is that there are such awesome ways … Read more 33 Ways To Repurpose Denim Jeans