How To Make A Cute Snowman From A Sock

Sock Snowman Craft

If you’re like me you probably have 10+ socks missing a mate. Where did the left sock go?! I am constantly amazed at how quickly they disappear. This sock snowman is an easy wintery craft and the best way to save lone socks from the garbage. I could whip one of these out right now … Read more How To Make A Cute Snowman From A Sock

How To Make A Pom-Pom Snowman

Easy Snowman Craft Ideas

‘Frosty the snowman, was a jolly happy soul…” and just like the song this craft will make your heart soul happy. I’m so excited to feature it here today! It is a really fun (and easy) Christmas craft. This tutorial shows how to make the pom-poms needed for the DIY and the cute snowman. Thanks … Read more How To Make A Pom-Pom Snowman

Winter Hat Snowman Tutorial

winter hat snowman

Here’s another creative snowman idea. I think the sock snowmen we have featured previously would be much easier to make though. However, if you don’t mind doing a little crochet and have some time on your hands, this could be the ideal Holiday project for you! Here’s the link to the tutorial… StranaMasterov – MK … Read more Winter Hat Snowman Tutorial