How To Make DIY Wine Cork Reindeer

With Christmas just right around the corner, there are many fun crafts you can make yourself or with your friends and family. This adorable wine cork reindeer is one of them! They are easy to make, require just a few simple items, and are so much fun! Just see for yourself, you will not be … Read more How To Make DIY Wine Cork Reindeer

Creative Uses For Wine Corks

‘Novinophobia.’ The fear of running out of wine. Get it? No vino. Lol. I’m not sure if that is an official phobia but it is a funny one. It’s not a problem we suffer from our house. When we run out of wine, we simply repurpose the bottles and have fun with the corks until … Read more Creative Uses For Wine Corks

Recycle Wine Corks Into Beautiful DIY Art

Repurposed Corks

I heart wine. I’m on a Merlot kick right now but I’m not opposed to Pinos either. For all of you wine drinkers out there, here is another excuse to grab a bottle for Friday night’s dinner. I’ve found a full roundup of amazing things to do with the corks! Don’t fret if wine isn’t … Read more Recycle Wine Corks Into Beautiful DIY Art

Wine Cork Snowmen Ornaments

wine cork snowmen tutorial

Today we are featuring these totally adorable wine cork snowmen ornaments created by Look Beyond The Picket Fence! If you have a bunch of these stored away in a basket somewhere and keeping them for “some day”… well that day is here! Here’s the link to more photos and the full tutorial… LookBeyondThePicketFence – Wine … Read more Wine Cork Snowmen Ornaments