Manta Underwater Resort

Take A Tour of The Super Cozy Manta Underwater Resort

Manta Underwater Resort

The Manta Resort is located in the Zanzibar archipelago. It’s just off the coast of east Africa in the Indian Ocean and is just as unique as it’s location. What makes it so special? It is one of only two completely underground hotel rooms. Other resorts have plans and whispered ideas for rooms like this but this one is a reality. For $1500.00 a night you can have this crazy once-in-a-lifetime experience! Thoughts?

My first thoughts on seeing it were… ‘OMG! Wow! Please can we stay here?’ My second thoughts took a 180 degree turn… ‘Did you SEE Titanic?! Poseidon? Have you experienced claustrophobia?’ I did some research and found out that there aren’t typically any storms in this area so the waters should be calm; sharks mostly leave people alone; underwater glass is strong; and there is an emergency exit. I’m not sure which voice will win out…but either way it is super cool and I’m excited to feature it here today! Here are some of the plans for underwater hotels that might be happening soon. Find them here at Hotelchatter

See it here…Enjoy!