19 Unbelievably Tasty Desserts You Must Try

There is never a bad time to enjoy tasty desserts. And with fall finally here, that means Thanksgiving and Christmas are coming up, and the demand for tasty treats has risen. Whether you want to buy your favorite treats or make your own, you cannot say dessert isn’t awesome!

There is something special about making your own treats, however. Our list has 19 unbelievably tasty desserts that you must try your luck with this fall. Some of them are so simple you can make them right now. Some are more complex, but they look worth it!

Instead of going for the classic desserts, we decided to share some unique ones with you! Some of these desserts look so amazing, I cannot believe I have never heard of them before. This means you can try something new for you or to share!

If you try one of these tasty desserts, take a picture of it and post it in the comments! We would love to see it. Either way, we hope you enjoy!

1. These jumbo chocolate chip cookies will make your mouth water.

tasty desserts jumbo cookies

via: centercutcook


2. Slow cooked apple crisp (This one is gluten free!)

tasty desserts apple crisps

via: dishingdelish


3. These eggnog cupcakes make a great holiday gift!

tasty desserts eggnog cupcakes

via: selfproclaimedfoodie


4. Cannoli cream puffs with chocolate chips

tasty desserts cannoli cream puffs

via: dishingdelish


5. These chocolate stuffed raspberries are easy to make!

tasty desserts chocolate rasberries

via: hauteandhealthyliving


6. Looking to get your peppermint on? Try these brownies.

tasty desserts peppermint brownies

via: bakerita


7. You can also try your luck with an individual chocolate ice cream cake!

tasty desserts ice cream cake

via: theprettybee


8. No bake cherry cheesecake

Sometimes I want an awesome dessert and don’t want to bake anything. This is perfect!

tasty desserts cherry cheesecake

via: melaniemakes


9. Super easy peanut butter cup fudge

tasty desserts peanut butter cup fudge

via: halfbakedharvest


10. M&M and Oreo holiday brownies are great holiday treats to share

tasty desserts holiday bars

via: averiecooks


11. Chocolate and pecan mud cakes

Looks sooo good!

tasty desserts mud cakes

via: dishingdelish


12. Deep dish Oreo hazelnut pie

tasty desserts deep dish pie

via: ambitiouskitchen


13. Three ingredient chocolate coconut balls

tasty desserts coconut balls

via: forksnknives


14. Mini caramel apple pies

A whole pie just for you.

tasty desserts caramel apple pie

via: halfbakedharvest


15. Pumpkin cheesecake with cinnamon

tasty desserts pumpkin cheesecake

via: chocolatemoosey


16. Easy-ish Pumpkin Tiramisu cake

tasty desserts pumpkin cake

via: thecakeblog


17. Fruit pound cake

It’s made with pomegranate and cranberries with orange cream cheese frosting.

tasty desserts fruit pound cake

via: cookinglsl


18. Cherry almond squares

tasty desserts cherry almond squares

via: accidentalhappybaker


19. Pecan pie maple bars are basically pumpkin pie on the go!

tasty desserts pecan pie bars

via: veganyumminess

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