No Campfire? No Problem For This Tasty S’mores Recipe


Why are s’mores a treat only enjoyed when camping or when cuddled up around the fire pit? Lame! They are so delicious that they should be enjoyed all year, every season, and everywhere. Don’t you agree? Gooseberry Patch has a terrific video that shows how to do just that. It shows how to make s’mores indoors! Yes please!

How wonderful would this be for sleepovers?! Safer than wild ones running around with pointy sticks and it takes only minutes to make. I’m so doing this easy peasy recipe. I can’t wait to mow down on this delicious gooey treat. Gather together some graham crackers, chocolate, marshmallows, and some willing guinea pigs. You also need your oven, set to 400 degrees, and a cookie sheet. Yum! Are you going to make this?

I think my waistline is in trouble. It’s really in trouble after this roundup of s’mores dessert from Huffington Post. Yum. Find them all here.

Here’s the tasty video… Enjoy!