Teal Pumpkin

If You See A Teal Colored Pumpkin This Halloween. Here’s What It Means!

Teal Pumpkin

None of my family happens to have food allergies, thank God. We are quite blessed in that. It would make it so difficult to plan out meals or trips to a restaurant if that were the case. I have a friend who has a peanut allergy. Because of his allergy his restaurant options are very limited. Due to the trans fat revolution, every restaurant now uses peanut oil to fry things. A fact I would have never known if he hadn’t told me. So what happens with kids at Halloween who want to trick-or-treat like all their friends but can’t eat peanuts or chocolate or any of the other myriad number of allergens out there? Here is a great idea that started in Tennessee recently.

The purpose is to be inclusive of children who are unable to have candy due to a food allergy or medical condition. You may see teal pumpkins around your neighborhood this October and wonder what is going on. No, it isn’t necessarily there because it’s that family’s favorite color. Incidentally it happens to be my favorite color. That pumpkin you are seeing with the out of place color is intended to show they have allergy friendly trick-or-treat items. Because of these generous and thoughtful souls, kids with food allergies or a medical condition precluding candy can still participate in the time honored tradition of knocking on people’s doors and asking for stuff. Here are some other tips on how to trick-or-treat with allergies. Everyone should be included in the fun this year!

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LittleThings: The Teal Pumpkin Project Promotes Safety For Kids With Allergies