How To Build Your Own Teardrop Micro Camping Trailer

diy teardrop trailer

Don’t want a 5th wheel and can’t afford an RV? Remember all those nights of the neighbor at your campground running his generator day and night to power his satellite television? I bet you judged them a little for not actually connecting with nature. Lol. I would! Try this teardrop camper instead. Not to big but more comfortable than a tent. The best of both worlds

We all love the great outdoors. In our household we are primarily tent campers (not really by choice, I would take an RV). However, as we get older, the ground feels just a bit harder. The ache in your muscles lasts just a bit longer when you wake up. I start to miss my bed on those extended camping trips with the family. Why not take the bed with you? However, isn’t the point of camping getting away from all the modern conveniences? This looks like a compromise I can get behind.

Scott (the builder) is a bit more handy with the jigsaw than I am. But this doesn’t actually look all that complicated. It is light enough you can tow it behind a regular passenger car. (After U-haul installs a trailer hitch for you.) Go get outdoors! Do it now!

Here is another tiny camper that I really want! I can see myself touring Yellowstone in this baby! Just the right level of comfort.

See the full step-by-step photos here…

Truck With A Heart: DIY Teardrop Camping Trailer