This Uniquely Designed Texas Tiny Home Has A Surprise Functionality. Wow!

marfa house

Have you heard of Marfa, Texas? Tiny home enthusiast have. There is a home there, built by Candid Rogers Studio, that is the envy of all. It has won almost every small house award out there, including the AIA San Antonio Design and AIA National Small Projects awards. It is quite clever and blends perfectly into the west Texas landscape.

The house has an upper level sleeping area that provides shade to the lower area. The kitchen, bathroom, and dining area are on the bottom level. The living room? It’s outside. Either shaded during the heat of the day or pleasantly cool in the summer evenings. This must be a summer house, right? Texas has cold winters!

From all accounts, Marfa is a fascinating place. There are the famous ‘lights’ that have yet to explained (very Roswell-ish), the lone Prada store in the middle of nowhere, and fascinating artwork that has been created to blend into the landscape. Thinking about visiting? See more of the town here.

Here’s the link to take the tour…

LittleThings: Strange Texas Tiny Home Has A Secret Out Back (photos)