Infinity Scarf In 30 Minutes

The 30 Minute Infinity Scarf (Tutorial)

Infinity Scarf In 30 Minutes

(Via Handimania) Chunky scarves are still in style and I don’t predict the trend dyeing out anytime soon. At least I hope that it doesn’t! Because that means that DIY finger scarves are going to be here to stay. This DIY scarf is the perfect project for crocheters to transition into knitting. There shouldn’t be segregation between the two hobbies anymore! This will be a fun and easy way to start bringing down the walls.

These will only take 30 minutes to make! Well, the first one might take longer but once you get the hang of it…affordable and easy christmas gifts for all! For all the ladies anyways! You can make 2 medium length scarves out of 2 skeins. Nice!

There is a wonderful video tutorial. She doesn’t rush through anything and I like her finger nail polish too. (Turquoise is my favorite color!) Find other finger knitting projects from DIY & Crafts here. Find the Kurtz Corner’s tutorial here: Infinity Scarf In 30 Minutes

Here’s the video tutorial… Enjoy!