The Largest Cup Of Water Mosaic Ever Created


Belo is a Canadian artist who primarily creates paintings with a unique layering look. His technique makes them look almost three dimensional. Lately he has taken on a few other public art installations with themes directing the public’s attention to environmental issues. Take a look at the link to see the final project. Do it before you read ahead any further.

This particular piece of art was completed in 2013. This 3,600 square foot installation uses sustainable materials and incorporates 66,000 recycled paper cups, nearly 4,000 gallons of rainwater, 2 and a half pounds of vegetable based dye, and 100 volunteers. Belo built it to draw attention to the need for the world to practice sustainable water usage. The colors of each individual cup of water represent the levels of water pollution in parts of the world. Pollution that is killing the residents and or causing preventable disease in those regions. Find more of the story here.

Here’s the video… Enjoy!