The Latest Hair Trend? Sunset Blend!


It has been so long since I’ve had my hair done. I don’t know why. Oh yes I do…life is crazy busy and insane this time of year. I had the most peaceful morning this morning but that is not the norm. If I could have a few more hours like that I could sneak away to the salon and get my ‘do’ done. I normally have the same thing done. Brighten up my natural look with some highlights and have some layers put in. I’m not a thrill seekers like the ladies following after this new sunset trend. It’s crazy!

Ombre has stepped up its game. This is a very drastic look and not for everyone. Are you one of the brave and bold souls that can rock this fabulous look? It is all the colors of the sunset blended into one stylish dye job. Purple, orange, gold, red, brown, and yellow. So colorful! This would be a nice fall look. It would look nice with all the brightly colored leaves. Here is a video of one woman’s hair transformation. Pretty sweet! Thoughts? Questions? Comments? Let me know! See tons more of examples of this fabulous look here on Diply as well.