The Perfect Bra Hack For Backless Tops


Here is a fun one. This video from Spankie Valentine TV shows how to make DIY convertible bra straps that can be interchanged and worn with backless tops and dresses. These are sparkly, blinged out straps that add to the overall outfit and not take away from it. What a fun idea!

You need an old bra, some bling, jump rings, scissors, and a needle and thread to make these. This craft is fun because you can make it match any outfit. Your ‘bling’ could be a scarf, ribbon, lace, fabric, or anything you want. It will class up your wardrobe and people won’t be able to tell it’s a bra.

Can’t DIY it? You could buy a bra that works with a backless outfit just as easily. These weren’t made to stand out but to blend seamlessly with what you are wearing. They also cost a lot more than the DIY but everyone should have one for a fancy occasion.