The Perfect Cupcake For St. Patrick’s Day


This video from Jumble Joy has my taste buds tingling. St. Patrick’s day is the next holiday on the calendar and this year I’m going to be prepared. I’m as Irish as they come. Red hair, freckles, and the temper to match. These green cupcakes are so creative and will be the perfect treat to complement whatever is on the menu for that night. I know it won’t be corned beef and cabbage. Blech!

These shamrock cupcakes are actually quite simple to make. I kid you not! Do you have marbles? Do you have a cupcake pan and liners? Everything else is pretty basic. Batter, frosting, decorations, and food coloring. Watch the video to learn how to make these festive cupcakes!

Check out these other fun treats that will keep you in the holiday spirit. I love the mint and chocolate fudge oreo bars! Tasty. Also, don’t forget to wear your green come March 17th. (Little known fact…you are supposed to wear green if you are Catholic and orange if you’re Protestant. Fun trivia!)

Here’s the video… Enjoy!