The Perfect Holiday Treat – Eggnog Fudge!


Where do you stand on the eggnog debate? For or against? There isn’t a lot of middle ground when it comes to this holiday beverage. What about fudge? I think almost everyone is onboard with that tasty treat. Now last question. What are your thoughts on eggnog fudge? This video from Todd’s kitchen has me really excited to try it.

You need sugar, butter, eggnog, white chocolate chips, nutmeg, marshmallow cream, and vanilla. I have all but one of those ingredients already. Win! I don’t have marshmallow fluff but that is easy enough to make (here’s one).

Check out these other delicious must try fudge recipes. There are 30 of them! I don’t think I’ll try the Thai tea fudge but the brown butter fudge is going to happen ASAP. I like the funfetti recipe too. So much tasty goodness here.