Creative Furniture Designs

These 20 Home Furnishings Are Absolutely Brilliant

Creative Furniture Designs

People are getting so creative with furniture. Having a couch can be like having your own personal livingroom ‘Transformer’. I think it’s amazing that things no longer have only one purpose. Don’t be fooled by appearance…is is a table or a love seat? Ping pong table or door? Couch or punching bag? You decide.

This roundup of creative furniture is perfect for people will small spaces (tiny homes maybe?). They retract, store away, and fold. I am a little skeptical about the couch stove…I catch enough stuff on fire as it is! But after you try it let me know. Lol. The never ending candlestick is my fav! Brilliant. Waste not want not. I am pretty smitten with #14 too. And #13. Do you have a favorite? Let me me know!

If you think these are fun, you will love the Boxetti Collection from Freshome Furniture. Find it here.

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After the sofa bunk pictured above – this is easily my next favorite… Check out this amazing table by !