These Baby Photo Shoots Seriously Failed


Oh my gosh. So funny! This roundup from Diply has the best newborn photo roundup that you have ever seen. It shows the amazing promised expectation and then it shows the horrible failing realities. This is why it’s sometimes best to hire a professional people! We always have. Luckily we have a bunch of friends in the biz that give us discounts.

These babies look so unhappy! Lol. Look at that pumpkin baby (number 3) and the lipstick baby (number 10). Haha! Not all are complete fails though. The basket baby (number 6) looks mean but it’s not a bad picture. The same for number 20 (gift wrapped baby). The Dating Divas has a roundup of 50+ tips and ideas for newborn photography. So many poses, so many props, so many great ideas! Hopefully with their help you can avoid some of these hilarious fails. Find them all here.

Here’s the link to the album…

Diply: Hilarious Baby Photo Expectations Vs. Reality