These DIY Fashion Hacks Are The Best!


There are so many things about clothing that must be just so in order to look as I want them to. I am pretty fussy about how I look. Whether I need to look professional or casual, lazy day at home or a night out on a date with my husband or a friend, I want to look my best. It is the little things that matter. That’s why fashion hacks are the best! Maybe you aren’t as fussy about your clothing as I am. Wrinkles drive me crazy. The weird fold in the collar of my shirt that flips it up like a flag.

The string on my favorite hoody must stay in place, otherwise it just looks weird or off balance. Some necklaces just look weird with particular necklines. My hem line needs to be the right length, so I don’t trip over it or show too much ankle (high-waters). Speaking of ankles, please, everyone wear matching socks! If you are anywhere near as particular as I am, these 16 very useful little life hacks will help you keep looking your best. Here are 24 other fashion hacks that every woman needs to know.

Here’s the link to all 16 hacks…

Diply: Hack Your Outfit With These 16 DIY Ideas