These Genius Parenting Hacks Will Make Life So Much Easier


I’ve been having a hard week as far as parenting goes. It’s been full of stress and not a lot of sleep. We all have times like that. I’m currently hiding from my family. (Nail salon, sparkling water, and red polish can make anyone feel better.) Diply has a roundup with 15 hacks that are ‘guaranteed’ to make our lives as parents easier. There is nothing in here to help you get more sleep but these might relieve some of the stress.

I really like the corn on the cob ends. Fun! I like the frozen marshmallow ice packs too. The kids can eat them as soon as they feel better. Lol. Have you tried any of these? Any favorites? Fails? The Child Development Institute has an article on stress management for parents. Such good information! I like the idea of taking a ‘mental vacation.’ The 52 stress reducers are great to have on hand too. Number 34 is my favorite! That’s why I’m getting my nails done today.

Find all 15 ideas here…

Diply: 15 Hacks Guaranteed To Make Parenting Easier