These Halloween Pinterest Fails Are Hilarious


There are so many holiday DIYs out there. Just Google and prepare to be overwhelmed. Especially if you type in Halloween. DIY Halloween decorations, treats, or costumes. So many. The best thing about DIYs is that there are bound to be some fails, hopefully not yours, but there will be some. This roundup from Diply has 17 Halloween fails that are going to make your day!

I love this roundup! Hilarious! I feel better about myself. some of my DIYs fail but not quite so spectacularly. The tissue paper pumpkin is the best. Or maybe the pancakes. Nope. It has to be number one. What do you think? Have a favorite fail?

Here are some of those Halloween DIYs that I was talking about. Decorations. Costumes. Treats. Wishing you lots of luck and no fails! But if you do fail…please let me know and post a picture! Lol.

Find all 17 brilliant fails here…

Diply: 17 Hilarious Halloween Pinterest Fails